Costume Jewellery Trends: Back to Classics

When we speak of costume jewelry it is all about making a statement. They are worn not for the monetary value, but for their strong and powerful personification of the owner. We have our favorite celebrities who wear them and we associate these pieces with their persona.

Even today there is a growing demand for these pieces of jewelry among all ages. Some are uniquely designed and some are made on demand and personal preferences. Still, they have traces and links to the rich heritage and traditions of our country.

As we say “history repeats itself” the designs, patterns and even the trends are repeated.

Who can forget the trendy 60’s where every diva on the screen used to flaunt heavy necklines with long danglers and big finger rings which are today called the cocktail rings. Sometimes, they were the statement for the vamp, but even the lady on screen use to wear them all together in subtle designs. The pearly chokers were also very much in demand and the trend continued till the late 90’s.

The demand for costume jewellery was slow in the early years of this century but now it is a rage. However, the appeal to wear all at a time has come down to one at a time. Now, the trend is to put the focus on one piece of accessories so that the look is not gaudy or loud.

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