10 Differences Between Gold/Platinum/Diamond (Fine) Jewellery & Artificial/Custom/Imitation Jewellery

1. Thought it usually depends on what the customers want and how much they are willing to spend, artificial versus fine jewelry is actually a very interesting debate, and given the price of fine jewelry is sky-rocketing because of the price of the element involved in making them. Gold, diamond, platinum ET AL. 

2. The difference between fine jewelry and costume jewelry is the quality of the metal used in the jewelry and the authenticity of the stones set into the pieces. Additionally, fine jewelry can last for generations, and it is often considered an investment or something worth collecting and passing down to family members, while fashion jewelry has limited shelf value as it is made from inferior materials and comes at a considerably lower price.

3. Fine jewelry is set with natural, precious gemstones. On the other hand costume jewelry can be made of any almost any material—including plastic. Manufacturers typically copy more fine jewelry by replacing the expensive materials for less expensive ones. 

4. Fashion jewelry trendy and made with simulated man made materials which stand up to the test of time due to the inferior quality. On the other hand Fine jewelry is made of precious metals which command the heftiest price tag. Mined semi-precious gems from carnelian to moonstone sterling silver are also considered fine jewelry as well; all of them command a lower price tag.

5. Fashion Jewelry is considered to be non-bridal, generally costume) jewelry with non precious while Fine Jewelry is any jewelry that is created with precious or semi-precious stones and precious metals. This includes bridal and non-bridal.

6. Fine jewelry is made with gems that are valuable enough to be subject to "grading"). They are also usually made with precious metal like gold or platinum. Fashion jewelry is made with gems that are not particularly rare (They also usually use gold or silver plating, or other non-precious metals like brass.

7. Items considered to be Fine jewelry are constructed high levels of gold, sterling silver, or platinum plating. Fashion jewelry is simply painted on, low levels of silver and gold, if any of either is used at all.

8. Fashion Jewelry falls in the middle. While fine jewelry base metals are gold and silver, fashion jewelry is plated metals, plated with pure gold and real silver.

9. Fashion Jewellery tends to be more influenced by current trends in terms of the material used, styling, colors etc. On the other hand, Fine or Gold/Diamond Jewellery is more influenced by a certain style rather than a trend. Customers who buy fashion jewellery are not typically influenced by current trends and this tends to be a long term purchase.

10. Fine jewelry metals include silver, gold, vermeil, and platinum family metals whereas Fashion jewelry metals include base metals, such as brass, cobalt, copper, iron pyrite, stainless steel, titanium, and tungsten.


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