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How to Buy the Best Deal from the Online Jewellery Store

Shopping from the online jewellery store is a completely different experience from buying from a walk-in store. The online store does not have a salesman or a guide to show the best deals and prices and so the buyer has to depend entirely on his judgment and buying skills.
There are few rules that will help to buy the best deal

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Check images and plenty of them. This is true, do not just rely on single images and a few uploads. Check very carefully each and every image of the single item from different portals. For example, if buying bangles, then check for different style such as Kundan, gold, stone studded and even oxidized and if possible check the bracelets as well.
Know about the pricing. A bead necklace might have different prices and vary hugely in range. There are reasons for this and mainly due to the manufacturing and brand value. The kind of raw material used, the finishing and the general trend of the market, all contribute to the price difference.

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