9 Stylish Ideas for office Wear Fashion Jewelry

Choosing jewelry for office wear is quite puzzling as getting it overdone looks unprofessional. Wearing chunky bracelet, long danglers and loaded chains are a strict no-no. We here give you 9 stylish ideas to wear fashion jewelry that will make you look smart yet not overdone for your office look.

1.       Invest in must-haves - office must-haves includes rings, chains with tiny or small pendant, and of-course earrings. Well, including a bracelet or a single churi that pair well with a watch.

2.       Buy stone studded/ plain jewelry. Avoid minakari or very traditional designs for your office wear. Plain jewelry is the best but if you want something else then stone studded pieces also go well with the look.

3.       Avoid noisy and tasseled pieces. The ringing noise from churis or jumkas sounds very distracting or unprofessional. The tinkling bells make a noise which hampers the serious work atmosphere of the office. So, to avoid the hostile response, stash away all such pieces away from office wear.

4.       Change them frequently. Changing them regularly will make your mood elevate and feel fresh as well. If you wear studs for a week, change it to small baalis or simple rings the next day. Pair the dress with corresponding jewelry.

5.       Never stick to one style. The mundane and boring routine of office can be broken with a different look. Try to be innovative, for example, wear anklets instead of payal for a smart look.

6.       Invest in good quality. Buying fashion jewelry is expensive, and as they have no return value we tend to buy from the roadside vendor. But, they look cheap and do not last long. Instead, buy less but invest in good quality. They make your dress also appear cheap or good with the jewelry.

7.       Never wear broken or dented pieces. Throw away dented or broken pieces, do not wear them. They might be your favorite and you must have memories with them, but actually wearing them is not good for your concern as well.

8.       Take care of your jewelry. Maintenance of jewelry matters and so keep them away from moisture which results in oxidizing and reduces the shine and polish.

9.       Highlight one piece at a time - this is an old trick if your earrings are long them avoid wearing chain. If you are sporting a big stone studded ring then wear small sized earrings and so on.


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