Custom Jewellery: The New Jewellery Currency in India

Custom is the new currency at pinkpoints and no we are not talking about a new means of currency that online stores like are forced to after demonetization 2.0  banned use of debit and credit cards! Such a hypothetical situation is even bizarre to think of hence it becomes imperative upon us to tell you more about the title of this blog piece, let your imagination go anymore berserk. 

Custom has become the new currency as in, we have been receiving a lot of demands for custom-made jewelry and the orders have been through the roof on some days.  We have received a lot of demands of custom jewelry online, tailored for the ones who can afford it, from our websites to the extent that we had to hire 2 more in-house craftsmen to complete the orders on time. 

We are more than ready to take and deliver upon more such requests and through this blog, we are letting everyone know about custom jewellery online and how we can design the best professional designed custom jewelry online for your enigmatic, exuberant self. 

The definition of custom jewelry online is that it built to a specific order or specialization and refers to the jewelry you can get yourself made from the respective designer after giving in your specifications and your exact demands.  

Generally crafted by expert designer by considering customer preference which perfectly suits to the customer attire and style, the product is called custom made and hence the product is built from scratch with your demands and specifications only. provides the service which gives you the option to choose your perfect one and build your perfect jewelry piece from a large choice of incredible combinations. It is only for high net individuals and won’t come cheap as it’s not going up for mass scale production, it’s just for you and exclusivity has its own price.

Custom jewelry online can be mass-produced or artisan-made one-of-a-kind pieces or limited-edition. It can be found in fine jewelry stores or in galleries. It commands the highest prices and holds value very well and for the very obvious reasons.  

Since master craftsmen and artisans of a jewelry house will personally work for you, it won’t come cheap and be sure to foot a hefty bill, if you have made up your mind to get custom jewellery online made for yourself. 

Collaborate with us like never before to ensure that your personalized and custom jewellery online meets every design requirement and choice you specify.

You can order yourself custom jewelry online from, which happens to be one of the fastest growing fashion and imitation jewelry stores in India which also provides the facility of custom jewellery online to its valued customers.  

You can order Custom jewellery online but it won’t come cheap because it involves intricate designing and the use of precious gemstones, and the personal involvement of craftsmen in working for you from scratch on a project exclusive to your demands and specifications.  
The pleasure of owning splendor that is yours in every possible manner is incomparable to a grudging and tepid choice made off a limited assortment. And you have your own jewelry tailor-made exclusively for you, it adds more value and magnificence to your entire look.  

In a world where extraordinary is becoming common and common is becoming mundane, everyone is chasing elusive uniqueness for themselves. It becomes all the more relevant when you buy jewelry, then, to ensure that your accessories stand testament to your incredible individuality. 

There is literally no limit to the lengths and breadths customization can go, to give you exactly what you want and need. It won’t come cheap but it also won’t be exorbitant, it is something which needs meticulous planning to deliver on a striking product with the available resources at hand. 

Science and technology have made nearly everything possible and replaceable but not the master craft of a good jewel craftsman who will put all his emotions into his work as he produces a masterpiece that no machine can reproduce with the same impeccable finish and intricacy.
You can bring your ideas to us while ordering your custom jewellery online and our experts will work with you to make your vision a reality. From a vague idea, a sketch we'll work with you to perfect the design.  Pinpoints will talk to you about what type and color of metal you want, the shape and cut of any diamonds or gemstones in the design.


We work together in every step of the design process.  It will be a collective and emotional voyage where we will work together in making you wish come true and make it an involved and endearing engagement. So hurry up, order yourself the finest custom jewlery online at because remember custom is the new currency.


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