4 Types of Jewelries for Any Outfit

One can use intricately and aesthetically designed jewelry which can be worn at all places and at all times with every outfit. Choosing the right outfit for an occasion is extremely important. But equally important, if not more, is choosing the right jewelry, and when you can find yourself in a fix you can use a mix of the below-mentioned accessories to compliment your outlook. The jewelry that you wear can make or break the look. Look good in jewelry is an art form you must learn if you want to look stunning. Style jewelry capitalizes on this by forming pieces that should only be worn in a specific manner. The following universally applicable jewelry can be adopted, mixed and blended to produce the desired results.

1. Gemstone Ring - Gemstones are one such precious item of jewelry that needs to be checked in details before buying because some shady sites on the internet are notorious for selling synthetic gemstones in name of natural gemstone. Rings can be worn at all times, and especially for occasions like engagements and weddings. Rather than having a plain solid gold ring, mostly everyone prefers one studded with precious stones like diamonds, pearls, and gemstones., but any ring works as long as it vibrant and catchy enough to grab attention. Gemstone rings are more colorful, romantic and personal as the choice of stone means something to the wearer, it has been a personal statement accessory ever since the advent of time and the trends of fashion. It has outlived fashion, it has never gone out of fashion to some people, they become symbols of wealth and success, depending on their monetary value; to others, they hold other meanings such as the gemstone being a birthstone.

2. BangleBangle is across time, cultures and countries, one of the most universally accepted and respected forms of jewelry. Exquisite bangle can suit various personal styles of women, and men too. Traditional gold bangles with intricate filigree work as well as bangles with contemporary designs, studded with precious stones must have a place in the jewelry box. They can be teamed up with every outfit and are never a misfit for any occasion, whatsoever. Bangles are rigid bracelets, usually from metal, wood, glass or plastic. They are traditional ornaments worn mostly by South Asian women in India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. It is common to see a new bride wearing glass bangles at her wedding; the traditional view is that the honeymoon will end when the last bangle breaks. Because they can be worn both fancy and casual, bangle bracelets make the perfect gift for any celebration such as birthdays, holidays, anniversaries.

3. Silver Chain Necklace - Silver chain necklace of perfect length is a must for pairing and accentuating your look with everything from your favorite dress to a simple tee. A chain is an item of jewelry can you wear day in and day out without feeling like the look has gotten stale. A sterling silver chain goes with everything. Whether your outfit is casual or glamorous, how you dress up your jewelry is up to you.

4. Earrings - Earrings are another type of jewelry, whose usage has become some commonplace that it is, has become almost embedded in the personal style statement of women and now is catching up fast with men too. Wearing earrings or precious jewelry is the simplest form of jewelry that one can wear and is still one of the most popular trends which started back in the ancient times.

There are 2 major types of earrings.

1. Pierced earrings: - To wear it, you need a hole in your earlobe.
2. Non-pierced earrings: - You don't need a hole to wear it. It can be like a clip which can stick on the ear part

Stud, Hoop, Drop, Dangle, Barbell, Huggy are other sorts of earnings which have become popular earrings who can be used to accentuate your look, and it works fine with just about any outfit you choose to wear.

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