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Custom Jewellery: The New Jewellery Currency in India

Custom is the new currency at pinkpoints and no we are not talking about a new means of currency that online stores like are forced to after demonetization 2.0  banned use of debit and credit cards! Such a hypothetical situation is even bizarre to think of hence it becomes imperative upon us to tell you more about the title of this blog piece, let your imagination go anymore berserk. 
Custom has become the new currency as in ,we have been receiving a lot of demands for custom-made jewelry and the orders have been through the roof on some days.  We have received a lot of demands of custom jewlery online, tailored for the ones who can afford it, from our websites, to the extent that we had to hire 2 more in-house craftsmen to complete the orders on time. 
We are more than ready to take and deliver upon more such requests and through this blog, we are letting everyone know about custom jewlery online and how we can design the best professional designed custom jewlery online for your enigma…

Necklaces: Why Go Out? Buy Necklaces Online

Necklaces: Why Go Out? Buy Necklaces Online
An article of jewelry worn around the neck, necklaces are frequently formed from a metal jewelry chain while others are woven. Common features of necklaces include Colorful stones, wood, shells, beads, corals are some of the features of necklaces which are.
Other adornments and gemstones on necklaces which include a hanging attribute, called a pendant determine the price of a necklace. Depending on the stone of the pendant, the price of the necklace is determined, the pendant remains the most important feature of a necklace. A diamond necklace costs more than a blue sapphire necklace and a sapphire necklace costs more than a ruby necklace and likewise. If the pendant is itself a small container, it is called a locket.

You can buy necklaces online from the wide collection and exciting array of products available on online jewelry store and happens to be one of the new emerging players in this segment. has a vast coll…

The Perfect Place To Buy Rings In India

A ring is a decorative, symbolic ornament worn on fingers, toes, and neck since the very evolution of fashion and since the very evolution of man. From fancy rings meant for traditional social gatherings to funky, trending bling rings for casual gatherings and simple rings for everyday use, you can get all to buy all styles of rings online at affordable prices with options of cash on delivery. Rings have been the fashion statement of men and women for decades and centuries alike, they have evolved with fashion but have never gone out of fashion. They have always been trending and along with earrings are one of the two top accessories that can be work with any outfit whatsoever regardless of time or place or occasion. One of the most popular accessories, the usage of rings is commonplace and there are all types of rings available to be bought online, from ostentatious to fancy to funk to quirky to modern, there’s something for everybody and it depends on what they are looking for.  Thes…

The Perfect One-Stop-Shop To Buy Trendy Earrings In India ||

An earringis a piece of jewelry attached to the ear via a piercing in the earlobe or another external part of the ear. A perfect earring can definitely add some zing and complete the way you look.  Earrings are a type of jewelry, whose usage has become commonplace, so much so that it has become almost embedded in the personal style statement of women and now is catching up fast with men too. Wearing earrings or precious jewelry is the simplest form of jewelry that one can wear and is still one of the most popular trends which started back in the ancient times. Earrings have adorned the ears of women throughout history in many different countries and cultures. Ear piercing is one of the oldest forms of body modification and was performed even through the early ages. There are 2 major types of earrings.

1. Pierced earrings: - To wear it, you need a hole in your earlobe.
2. Non-pierced earrings: - You don't need a hole to wear it. It can be like a clip which can stick on the ear part.


4 Types of Jewelries for Any Outfit

One can use intricately and aesthetically designed jewelry which can be worn at all places and at all times with every outfit. Choosing the right outfit for an occasion is extremely important. But equally important, if not more, is choosing the right jewelry, and when you can find yourself in a fix you can use a mix of the below-mentioned accessories to compliment your outlook. The jewelry that you wear can make or break the look. Look good in jewelry is an art form you must learn if you want to look stunning. Style jewelry capitalizes on this by forming pieces that should only be worn in a specific manner. The following universally applicable jewelry can be adopted, mixed and blended to produce the desired results.

1. Gemstone Ring - Gemstones are one such precious item of jewelry that needs to be checked in details before buying because some shady sites on the internet are notorious for selling synthetic gemstones in name of natural gemstone. Rings can be worn at all times, and esp…

Costume Jewelry - PinkPoints India

Costume jewelry is very popular in markets like India and China and has been part of culture for almost 300 years. During the 18th century, jewelers began making pieces with inexpensive glass. In the 19th century, costume jewelry made of semi-precious material came into the market. Costume jewelry is jewelry which is made from metals other than gold and silver and non-precious material. Primarily low priced costume jewelry is made out of a variety of materials, which can be pure silver, sterling silver, semi-precious stones, metal etc. Costume jewelry is primarily low priced jewelry. 
Mainly manufactured as ornamentation to complement a particular fashionable costume or garment, it is also known as junk or fake jewelry. Costume jewelry is made with gems that are not particularly rare but usually use gold or silver plating, or other non precious metals like brass. Costume jewelry is easily available on which sells fashion jewelry and imitation jewelry at very affordable ra…